To mediate touch

Skills: Exhibitions, Installations / interactive

The video-installation consists of two separate parts, a large-format projection and four interactive screens. Both parts display satellite images of the author’s selected locations, significantly marked by human activity. Those on the screens are zoomed to the maximum, to give the impression of an abstract pixel image or noise. It refers to the lack of clarity about the consequences of our actions. Moreover, the viewer activates the animations only by his presence near the screens. The context becomes clear when looking back down at the video projection, situated at the beginning of the installation/exhibition. It shows selected pieces of the landscape in full, from a perspective through the eyes of a satellite.
The touch in the artwork can be understood on two levels. As our physical touch (with the screen) or the unconscious one, mediating the transformation of the landscape (deforestation, over mining, etc.).

place: Nitra Gallery- The Youth Gallery, Nitra
part of the Levels of Touch exhibition, curated by Dominika Chrzanová
year: 2022