File cabinet

Skills: AV

place: Periférne centrá, Dúbravica > Światłodźwięki, Poznań
year: 2020

The principle of File cabinet is based on collecting motives from the surrounding reality. In this way it arises some kind of sensational bank. This bank is filled by objects that I found during my everyday life. It means that the form of collection is given by my decisions what to do and where to go, but not created by me. I am just a collector. From the most part is it inspired by the power of nature what is conditioned by my frequently being in the wild. I have no need to physically own these found objects, I just want to capture the form of them. To achieve this goal I use a technique of photogrammetry which allows me further work with it. In the field of VJing it means deforming, morphing and mixing these 3D models in a real time.